You asked. We answered!

Are Pistol Pete’s Jars made from real shotgun shells?
Yes! Our products are made from real, authentic, fired shotgun shells. After the shells are fired, the hull and the percussion cap are rendered safe. We then build your Pistol Pete’s Stash Jar.

Can I load a Pistol Pete’s Jar into my shotgun?
No! Please do not attempt to load a weapon with the Pistol Pete’s shells. These are not meant to be used in combination with your weapon.

Is fire hot and can it burn things?
Yes! So be careful and responsible with any and all fires. Practice safe, controlled burning within the law.

Are fishing hooks sharp and can they hurt me?
Yes they are sharp and they can hurt if you get hooked! Use common sense and be careful with the sharp end of the hooks. And for god sake they are not candy so don’t go eating one of them or stick one in your eye…

Should I eat anything that comes inside a Pistol Pete’s Jar?
No! Don’t be an idiot! If you are considering eating anything that came with your Pistol Pete’s Survival Kit or Fire Starter Kit, you should probably just return it.

Can I just chew on the Pistol Pete’s Jar?
See answer above…

Should I give a Pistol Pete’s product to my kids?
Shirts, stickers and other safe items, absolutely! You know your kids. Would you give them a lighter or fishing pole? We cannot make that decision for you but we can say, use good judgement!

Yes, this section is mostly for fun, but people do silly things and we recommend safety at all times!