The Story of Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete’s was founded in 2013 by two good ol’ boys, looking to combine a pass time, friends and family into something of a living. Our god father and mascot, Pistol Pete Moore born, April 2004 passed too early from our world in 2013. Our friend, our protector, our buddy. Pistol Pete Moore was a rescue dog found in a home where he was used as a fighting dog. Sickened by the sight, Pete was taken in and raised by a great family of friends. Pistol Pete Moore touched more hearts in the short time he was here than most humans do in a lifetime.

Upon his passing, we started Pistol Pete’s. As tinkerers, we found a great way to keep what we needed most for survival high and dry in a compact, convenient way. Our product combined everything we loved. The outdoors, guns and American spirit! We couldn’t think of a better way to honor our fallen friend then to name our life’s work after him.

We have evolved our craft over the years and now offer rustic wood home decor items and other survival creations from antique and found material. It all comes full circle. Our favorite place and frequent hang out with Pete and friends, a place we all hold close, the Wood Yard. That place has always been an escape for us and a great time to reflect, create rustic pieces from tree trimming and come up with new ideas. It was only natural that we evolve and show the world what we love to create.

A Special thanks to Moongear.com web solutions and design! Thanks for your knowledge and friendship over the years. Our ideas would just be scribbles on a wipe board if it weren’t for you guys!

A huge thanks to everyone for your support over the years and we trust our friend Pistol Pete Moore will always be an important part of our lives.

pistol pete