I found myself trying to think outside the box this year for Christmas gifts. Looking online for items that I thought we more personalized, only to come to the conclusion that something handmade was the way to go.

It has always been a default way to go for us, and I figured everyone was tired of getting something that was made and not bought from a store. Quite the opposite I have come to realize.

Something handmade has love built into it. Something a machine ran by computers cannot do. I enjoy giving gifts that you typically cannot just buy off the shelf at some store, in some mall or at some major online retailer. Taking the time to think through a design, gather materials, execute your creative plan. These are things that have the most thought built in.

Do what you love, and someone close will love what you do. Give a gift that is handmade and witness a different kind of joy this Christmas. True appreciation. True joy. Give it a try.