It is amazing how our little business has grown over the last two years and we are so thankful for the support, the wonderful response and the friendships we have formed since we started Pistol Pete’s!

We are now heading to a nearby town and larger space to help us continue to grow….but moving during the holidays, during the busy seasons?! This is truly for crazy people! We are blessed beyond belief to have great friends that let the pups come over and play during showings. We thank our families for the advice and support. Most of all, we thank the nice people at the local restaurants for catering to two very disheveled looking people on a nightly basis hahaha! Surprised we have not been kicked out of any place yet! I tell you what, at 11pm you can get a great deal on a beer and a pizza after showing up 4 days in row, at 11 pm, for a pizza and a beer.

Excited to have a new site for our operations starting in 2016 and excited to have a space where the Pistol Pete’s family can continue to grow! Cheers, cause it is time for a beer and a pizza! xXx