Everyone knows that one guy that can fix anything, make something out of nothing, can pull new ideas out of their… you know what…. and it is the most simple brilliant solutions to a problem that they speak of. The whole ‘why didn’t I think of that’. My friends, congratulations, you probably know yourself, a good’ol boy!

Some may know the typical Good’ol Boy to be a cheap beer drinking, NASCAR lovin, wrestling, hunting, fishing, rock and roll listening hillbilly. This can be the case.

But here today we are talking about the classic, gentleman good’ol boy!

goodol boys

Chances are they will help you change a tire and then get you drunk as a skunk on something in a Ball Mason Jar. This is the type of Good’ol Boy that you want to know and to have around. Tall tales (that are probably mostly a variation of the truth), running from the law, great times gone by and more. These types are never dull and are guaranteed to make you laugh. Plus, if you have a squirrel problem, they can solve it. Need something fixed in the house? Say no more. Need some more of that stuff in the Mason Jar? Going to cost you, but you will probably get the one time, don’t tell anybody deal if you are kind.

If you ever come across one of the Pistol Pete’s team members, you will see modern Good’ol Boys with computers and smart phones. The only difference between the old days and now is that we got that new fangled technology and the interwebs to communicate with folks! Also we prefer college football… but NASCAR is pretty sweet too!