Let’s face it, pretty much everyone is tired of the mass produced crap that is in big box stores. The movement to Buy Local and Made in the USA has been a very positive and very powerful movement in recent years. I no longer hear the old saying “they don’t make things like they use to…”  because we are starting to make things like they should be made. Handmade with love and with attention to detail!

DIY carries a sense of pride. A sense of caring. When you purchase something handmade or make something on your own, it has a high quality sense of craft devotion. Machines are not able to tell a tale or offer that warm connection. When you buy something made by a machine, the only thing you are getting is a deal for the pocket book. And if that is your thing, then great! But when you buy something handmade, you are getting a story, a crafters passion and the joy of knowing someones human hands took the time to master a skill and to make this item special for you.

More and more people are striving to be different and unique. devoted to breaking the mold and dodge conformity. Can you imagine going to your friends houses or your family members houses and they ALL look the same? What kind of craziness is that?

The DIY movement will flourish and continue to grow because people have simply had enough of buying crap. Plane and simple. We are returning our hearts and minds to the passion of creativity. I would not call it a return to the old way of doing things, but a return to the right way of doing things. The DIY revolution is a return to values and boy, is it a refreshing one.