As the dog days of summer give way to the cooler fall air, football, crockpots and holiday shopping plans, remember to think bigger than big box stores and shop small businesses!

This labor day week, as we thought about the meaning and importance of the upcoming holiday, we realized that there is a timeless message that not only calls for the support of the United States working force, but also that we need to support those who strive everyday chasing the American Dream, and support small business. These are not the big box, executives with endless pockets. Small business owners are typically pay check to no pay check folks, that work insanely hard to try and make a better life for themselves and their employees.


In speaking with local craft business owners, restaurants, hardware stores and service businesses, the most common thing I here is the times they had to sacrifice their own pay to make sure their employees were able to cover their bills. There are so many times we make that quick trip to the national chain store, because we know that we can find exactly what we need at the lowest price and it will be in isle 5, second shelf, just like all the other stores that brand operates. We encourage you to try and bypass the big box from time to time and shop your local, small businesses. I guarantee you, that quick small purchase will go much further than you think for a small business. And chances are, you will get a more personalizes experience.


When I think about Labor Day, I clump small business owners in with the average working force in our country. Business owners are only a small degree away from being an employee. They not only look out for their brand but also the well being of their workers. And trust me, there is no time clock for a business owner, because they are working all the time. No overtime paid and almost no holidays truly ‘off work’. Our nation has come a long way in our thinking of workforce respect and fair treatment. The small business owners have traditionally been the best about equal treatment and I respect will be for generations to come.

Be sure to shop small this year and make a BIG impact on your local community of small business owners!