So these crazy brilliant people we met, have developed a service that will not only list your items online for you, and will share your items all over the social media landscape, but will also share secrets and tips for selling on websites like Etsy and others. I have to say, we have tried a few of their tips, and it is working!

The site is
Trade House Crafts Screen Shot 1Sample item listing on

If you have handmade goods and have struggled in the past to get your items online and looking professional, then this is the place you need to contact. It is similar to a consignment site, but the amount of content they provide you with such as tips on selling on other third party sites just seems unfair! You not only get to have your items listed online to share and sell, but you basically have a professional consultant in your back pocket. And it does not cost hardly anything!

Trade House Crafts Screen Shot 2
Screen shots of the site:

Now here’s the thing that really makes them stand out. Most sites only want you to stay within their network. They only want your money to stay with them. But this is not the case with Trade House Crafts. They tell you where to spend your time and resources, while you are being listed on their sales site. It is truly an honest open community on how to be successful. No online selling scams here, they truly have your best interest in mind.

We have already been working with them in the infancy of their launch and are honestly shocked at the amount of service we have received for such a low cost and short amount of time as members. All, in all, if you want to be successful at selling your handmade goods online, you need to reach out to these guys. Already successful selling your items online? Great! You still need to reach out, they will definitely teach you something you didn’t already know.