Shiver Me Whiskers Skin Care Balm Moisturizer – Brochouli scent


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Moisturizing Body Balm for men, made by men! Shiver Me Whiskers Body Balm is the everything moisturizer men really want. With no filmy or oily residue, Shiver Me Whiskers Body Balm goes on smooth and has a subtle masculine scent. None of that girly Vanilla candy business! Plus it uses natural ingredients that can be found in nature. Promote healing and protect your man skin.

Stays on strong and lasts through several washes. A little goes a long way!

This product was developed by wood workers and metal fabricators that were experiencing dry skin and were tired of oily, girly scented lotions that did not help care for burns and only temporarily relieved dry skin problems. Shiver Me Whiskers blend of oils and creams help ease dry skin problems and work towards long lasting relief. Our blend promotes healing with Vitamin E, Beeswax and Aloe Vera while offering a masculine scent that is good for your skin and smells good too.

Shiver Me Whiskers is preferred by Salon Loft Stylists, Metal Workers, Chefs, Wood Workers and men all over the USA.
Recommended Uses:
– Aftershave
– Hand lotion
– Body Balm
– Minor burn relief
– Dry skin cream

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