Shotgun Shell Survival Kit

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Pistol Pete’s Black Survival Kit – In a survival situation you will always need, a source of water, a source of fire and means to gather food. Pistol Pete’s Survival Kits can make life in the wilderness a lot easier! The Pistol Pete’s Survival Kit comes with everything you need to construct a fishing pole in just a few short minutes. This kit also includes the contents of the fire starter kit: matches, strike strip and tinder bundle all inside our patented water tight air tight Pistol Pete’s Stash Jar. The comfort of Fire and food are only moments away. This compact multi-piece survival kit should always be part of your survival gear!


  • Pistol Pete’s Stash Jar
  • Bobber (made from your Pistol Pete’s air tight & water tight Stash Jar)
  • Fishing hooks
  • Fishing line
  • Sinkers
  • Matches
  • Strike strip
  • Tinder bundle

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