There is a NEW menu master in town! You may not have heard of him, but you will soon! Mr. Menu Board is here and is changing the way restaurants and individuals purchase menu board solutions for all applications. Mr. Menu Board also offers everything you need to build your own really cool clip board and menu board solutions. Clipboards, Table tents, clips, hinges, rustic hardware and more. It is all available NOW at

The coolest part of the new Mr. Menu Board website is the up and coming web based portal that allows you to see your custom boards built on screen step by step, before you complete your purchase. This feature is a unique 4 step process that allows you to pick your menu board size, color, clip combination and then quantity. You will see the board come to life right on the screen before you place your order! This new solution can take the guess work out of the branding and décor choices for your restaurant or presentation needs!

With an energetic brand that is corky and fun, we think Mr. Menu Board team will be a great source for all things menu board related for a long time to come! This very same group has worked with Pistol Pete’s over the years making thousands of beautiful clipboards. Their skills and attention to detail can be noticed around the world. The Mr. Menu Board crew along with Pistol Pete’s has completed menu board solutions for restaurants in Japan, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Australia  and of course, for hundreds of restaurants right here in the United States. You can find these menu boards stateside in places like Nashville, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami Beach and more!

Check them out! Show them some love and enjoy the amazing work Mr. Menu Board has to offer!